Your Right to Voice Comments, Suggestions & Complaints

At Cinnamon Care we encourage residents, their family/relatives, or representatives to express their views about the quality of care and services we provide and to raise any concerns or complaints with us freely.  Concerns/Complaints can be raised with us verbally, in writing or via email.

We also encourage or invite people to let team members know when services, policies or their practice is satisfactory and should continue unchanged or unchallenged.


All Cinnamon Care team members are expected to listen courteously and respectfully to concerns or complaints and attempt to resolve these initially at a local level.  If team members are not able to do so, they should explain to the complainant the company’s policy for making a complaint, which has three possible stages as follows:

Stage 1

Discuss with the Senior Person in Charge at the time, your concern(s). They may be in a position to address the issue(s) directly and rectify the problem(s) in a timely manner.

If this is unsatisfactory then :-

Stage 2

Contact the General Manager to discuss your concerns and provide details in writing of your concerns/complaints. An acknowledgment letter will be sent within 3 days following the receipt of your concerns/complaints.

The General Manager will investigate your concern(s) and respond to you in writing within 28 working days, setting out the investigation undertaken, and any action taken in-light of their findings. If there is no resolution to the matter at this point, you remain dissatisfied with the outcome or you do not feel comfortable discussing the matter with the General Manager, then: –

Stage 3

Contact the Director either in writing at Cinnamon Care, The Old House, 64 The Avenue, Egham, TW20 9AD or by telephone on 01784 22 00 66 or alternatively via email at They will arrange to investigate your complaint or concerns further and inform you of the outcome within 28 days. If the response cannot be completed within 28 days then you will be contacted with an explanation as to the reasons why.

At any stage of the process you can also refer your concerns to the external agencies below :-

The relevant Local Authority Adult Services Team. You can find which Local Authority that the home is located in by using this link:

The Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman
Tel: 03000 610614

Care Quality Commission (CQC)
Tel: 03000 616161
National Customer Service Centre
NE1 41A

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