Our Activities Energised, Active, Connected, Happy

Every month, our dedicated Activities Team offers hundreds of imaginative, original activities that are carefully tailored to match each resident’s interests and abilities. We use life history assessments and other specialist techniques to distil specific information about each individual’s passions. Then we design a fully rounded programme of physical activities, mental stimulation, creative pursuits and social events that is certain to enrich their life and add extra fun.

Our luxury residential care homes are alive with the sound of music, whether it’s from one of our many visiting musical entertainers or our residents’ voices uplifted in karaoke or a sing-along. Popular ‘ZING!’ seated exercise classes help to keep residents limber, and music therapy with hand-held instruments improves co-ordination.

We have fun and games every day, from traditional word games, quizzes and board games to original games devised by our Activities Team to keep our residents in touch with modern life. Cooking, baking, and arts and crafts sessions ensure that our residents continue to express their creativity. Flower arranging and gardening – in groups, with local schoolchildren or tabletop gardening all year round – keep our residents connected with the great outdoors.

We hold lively parties at least once a month, often based on a theme drawn from our calendar of national and international celebrations, such as Spanish Day. Wimbledon, for example, becomes much more than a spectator sport. We offer a programme of entertainment throughout the fortnight that includes our own residents’ balloon tennis tournament, and endless opportunities to enjoy strawberries and cream. Families and friends are also invited.

Dedicated private transport enables our residents to get out and about for a change of scene. Whether it’s a theatre matinee, a day at the seaside, a boat trip or simply a visit to familiar places to reminisce, every outing and entertainment is designed to keep our residents feeling energised, active, connected and happy.

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