Helping Couples to Remain Together The Care Suites at the new Emerson Grange Care Home means couples can remain living together along with receiving the support they need

We have all read the heart wrenching stories of couples being forced apart after years of marriage because one partner requires the care and support only a care home provides.  Despite what you might hear in the press, the majority of care homes are fantastic, lively places often with facilities and finishing more akin to a high-quality hotel.  But most care homes only provide single bedrooms, occasionally some with twin bedrooms.

However, that has now changed with the opening of the new Emerson Grange Care Home, part of the luxurious Retirement Village, Emerson Park, in Hextable, Kent.  Along with large single en-suite bedrooms they also provide a limited number of Care Suites.  These are one bedroom apartments within the care home which include an en-suite double bedroom, lounge and kitchenette.  Residents obviously still have access to communal lounges and the restaurant but the Care Suites provide far more privacy and space for those who require it.

“Emerson Park is all about giving people more choice in older age,” commented Emerson Park general manager Paul Hart, “And our Care Suites are another example of this.  So often I have witnessed couples having to live apart after many years of marriage because one requires 24-hour care.  Our Care Suites mean this is no longer the case.”

Although designed with couples in mind, Paul also explained that the Care Suites could be for single people as well, “By having your own lounge and kitchenette it not only provides more privacy but also more space and independence along with the reassurance that care and support is on hand 24-hours a day.  Although we expect most to be occupied by couples they are available for single occupants who are looking for more than just a bedroom”

Emerson Grange is certainly breaking down boundaries within the care home market, both with its wonderful interiors – think luxury hotel – and how it provides the care.  If you want your perceptions of a care home changing, then why not book a visit?

For further information on Emerson Grange Care Home then call the Resident Service Advisers on 01322 515415 or Contact Us.