Coronavirus Update

The health, safety and well-being of residents, visitors and team members remains our number one priority and as such, we have updated our Contingency Plan, in line with the Government Adult Social Care Winter Plan, as explained below.

We have worked with a multidisciplinary team, and considered best practices as shared by the Care and Quality Commissioners and other agencies. This helps ensure that our plan promotes the continuous delivery of high-quality and safe care to all our residents. Our aim is to protect our residents, visitors, and team members, from infections including coronavirus and ensure that people remain connected.

What we have implemented
During this pandemic we have implemented robust cleaning processes and adapted our environments to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. We have:

  • Installed automated entrance doors, where practicable.
  •  Ensured all homes have sufficient steam cleaners for carpets, hard floors, and surfaces
  • Provided all homes with air purifying ozone machines
  • Installed automated sanitising stations for entrances to our homes and in all team areas.
  • Created easy access to a designated room to accommodate indoor visits with glass partitions.
  • Installed wall mounted contactless thermometers in entrances. These will sound an alarm if the temperature is above 37.8⁰C.
  • Set up a contactless signing in system, that uses an iPad and QR codes, to replace the current paper base system.


We appreciate how important it is to keep in touch with loved ones so we welcomed the announcement by the Government that visiting to care homes can continue during this second lockdown. As well as visits from family and friends in person, contact can also be made using video call technology although different arrangements may be in place at different times. All visits need to be booked in advance and the number of visitors is limited to a single constant visitor wherever possible, with an absolute maximum of 2 constant visitors per resident.

As well as outdoor visiting areas, our designated indoor visiting suite has been set up with comfortable furnishings and home comforts to help create a warm and welcoming space for you to spend time together. The Cinnamon team will work with you to ensure that any visit is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.  Visits will continue to happen by appointment only and limited to 30 minutes per session. If instructed by Government or Public Health advice, with reluctance, we may need to cancel or postpone a visit at short notice.

Activities and Events
We have also risk-assessed our day to day activities and are adhering to social distancing measures.  We are isolating residents and team members who develop COVID-19 related symptoms and shielding residents where appropriate.  Our individual communities within the home have been kept separate and we only bring together a reduced number of residents for safe social events and activities in accordance with current Government guidelines.

Despite the challenges faced from Covid-19, our teams are still running a full and engaging programme of activities and have introduced innovative ways to keep residents connected with each other. This includes making use of our facilities such as our hairdressers and cafés, and arranging 1-2-1 activities. We are also pleased to have welcomed back some of the entertainers our residents enjoy, whilst ensuring the social distancing rule of 2-metres is maintained.

New Residents
We continue to welcome new residents to our homes. We are following robust screening measures for potential exposure to the virus. New residents are required to have a negative COVID-19 swab test result prior to moving-in.  They benefit from a personalised 14-day settling-in period, allowing the team to explore their likes and dislikes, including the types of food they enjoy and the activities they like to spend their time doing. Our team members continue to be vigilant for any known signs of the virus, and screen residents twice daily for variations in body temperature and blood oxygen saturation levels which are early signs of an infection. We have established regular access to GP services and other clinicians.

As ever, we are immensely proud of the care and love our teams are providing in extremely challenging times.