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We are pleased to inform that due to the reduced community prevalence of the virus, associated with high adherence to the COVID-19 vaccination amongst residents and team members, the risk of the virus being introduced into our Care Homes is reducing. Whilst the vaccine is bringing much needed hope and protection, until more is known about its impact on transmission, residents, carers and visitors should continue to adhere to all infection control measures currently in place.

We are delighted that the Government also advised that every care home resident will be able to nominate two dedicated people who can visit regularly inside the care home without a screen between them. Both visitors will be required to be tested with a Lateral Flow Test prior to visiting.

Outdoors visits and visits to a dedicated visiting room where the resident and one visitor (two if from the same household) are separated by a substantial screen. Infection control and social distancing measures will remain. This means that visits will need to be scheduled by using our online booking system and you will need to wear a type 2 surgical mask whilst keeping socially distanced. The personal protective equipment will be made available by the Home.

Please be aware of the following guidelines when coming to visit:

  1. All visits will be scheduled, limited to up to 45 minutes and will be socially distanced, in the garden or through a window, weather permitting.
  2. Visits should be conducted at a distance of 2 metres or 1 metre with the use of a Perspex screen.
  3. At each visit you will be asked to confirm that you are in good health and have not been in contact with anyone with suspected COVID symptoms.
  4. Outdoor visits and visits to a dedicated visiting room are limited to a maximum of two people as long as they are from the same household (not applicable to nominated visitor bookings).
  5. If you are a Designated Visitor then you will be required to be tested with a Lateral Flow Test. Please ensure you arrive a minimum of 45 minutes prior to your allotted visiting time so that we can complete this test.
  6. For outdoor visits or screened visits there is no requirement to complete a lateral flow test prior to the visit, and each resident can have different visiting parties.
  7. We will continue to accommodate in-room visits, as far as practicable, for residents near the end of their lives (please contact the Home directly).
  8. Homes with outbreaks or positive cases of COVID-19 will not be able to accommodate visits.

Book To Visit

To arrange your visit please call reception on 0121 445 5552