Life at Cinnamon Care

Cinnamon News

Cinnamon Care Collection’s news section brings you the latest information from our homes.

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Cinnamon Care Collection are “determined to be the difference” and the Cinnamon team go to great lengths to work towards this goal.

To keep all members of staff up to date with the latest developments at Cinnamon, what’s happening at each home and ensuring that they are part of the Cinnamon family we produce a quarterly magazine which is sent to all members of the team.

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Our Activities

Every month, our dedicated Activities Team offers hundreds of imaginative, original activities that are carefully tailored to match each resident’s interests and abilities. We use life history assessments and specialist techniques such as ‘Oomph Explorer’ to distil specific information about each individual’s passions. Then we design a fully rounded programme of physical activities, mental stimulation, creative pursuits and social events that is certain to enrich their life and add extra fun.

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Our Hospitality

We wouldn’t call our food restaurant standard because we aim for something more personal. At Cinnamon we believe in delicious, home-cooked food, attentive service and understanding what each resident enjoys. Every meal we serve has to be something we’d be proud to present to our nearest and dearest at a special family gathering.

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Our Commitment

At the Cinnamon Care Collection, we are determined to be the difference in senior care, both in the luxurious quality of our homes and the outstanding care we provide. The fact that ‘compassion’ and ‘respect’ form part of our values is testament to this ambition.

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