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At Wellington Vale nursing home we offer person-centered care that is shaped entirely around the individual needs of our residents.

As well as providing nursing and residential care, you will find the very best care for people living with a dementia in our Portsdown community. Our home is well known for providing respite and convalescence care, perfect for those who are recuperating after an illness or a stay in hospital.

Each care plan is tailored to provide physical and mental stimulation that is personal to each resident, to ensure a consistent high level of care that is second to none. Our friendly care team are on-hand 24-hours a day to provide round-the-clock support, that is compassionate and understanding, and helps promote independence.

Nursing Care

Our care team at Wellington Vale nursing home put the ‘extra’ into ordinary, working together with GPs to provide person-centered care that is responsive to each resident’s medical needs.

This may involve providing specialist care following a hospital visit and assisting with medication, monitoring blood sugar levels for somebody who has diabetes and caring for individuals with a long-term health condition. Each aspect of our dedicated nursing care is about putting our resident’s needs first, providing expert care and reassurance at all times, with the intimate feeling of being at home. At Wellington Vale, nursing care is provided 24-hours a day by our professional nursing team who have experience in delivering exceptional care to residents who require varying levels of medical care and support.

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Palliative Care

As part of our person-centered approach, our trained team also support residents and families with palliative care and end of life care, that is compassionate and provides practical, social and emotional support. With our palliative care our focus is to relieve pain and meeting emotional and practical needs to improve quality of life.

Residential Care

Our residential care home in Hampshire is a place where residents live full and enriched lives, with as much or as little support that they need.

It is a place where one can enjoy life to the fullest amidst luxurious surroundings and the best facilities, with the reassurance of a dedicated care team who know your individual needs.

Our care team is supported by a wider network of healthcare providers such as GPs, chiropodists and dentists who ensure the health and wellbeing of all of our residents.

Every move in starts with a thorough get-to-know-you which often involves family members and carers. This initial assessment is designed to understand each person’s individual care requirements, as well as getting to know our new resident personally. Our friendly team discuss personal likes and dislikes, dietary requirements, hobbies and interests, as well as allowing residents to get to know our friendly team.

From here we tailor an Individual Care Plan that defines the level of care assistance needed, whilst preserving dignity and respecting individuality. Each care plan is adapted and modified periodically over time, as each resident settles in and as their needs change.

Each day at Wellington Vale is full of inspiration and our Events and Activities team ensure residents are mentally and physically engaged. Our patio gardens are perfect for bird-watching, with visiting native species such as bluetits, thrushes and various birds of prey. For fun days out our minibus and electric car provides trips to local places of interest such as Portsdown Hill, or the Isle of Wight.

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Dementia Care

Dementia care at Wellington Vale starts with understanding that nobody’s dementia is the same. It is about taking a holistic approach that is inclusive of the ‘whole person’ and understanding the mental and social factors that trigger the symptoms of their dementia.

Each care plan is tailored around our resident’s like and dislikes, their unique character and personality, and what makes them feel comfortable and at home. From here our dementia care team offer proactive support and encouragement through meaningful activities, that provide a sense of purpose and achievement.

The Cinnamon Dementia Strategy

Our care at Wellington Vale hinges on the following core values that form our Dementia Strategy:

  • A team that is trained in the fundamental principles of dementia care and led by a dementia specialist
  • Care that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual
  • Daily activity and living experiences that are geared to the people we are caring for, and which represent their life’s journey
  • Personal and shared living spaces that are homely, comfortable and reflect the personalities that live there
  • A pleasurable dining experience that is built around the needs and preferences of every individual
  • Support to family and friends so that they can understand and participate in the care that we deliver
  • Ongoing development of the way we do things; working with professionals to keep in touch with research and innovation
  • Supportive, compassionate care until end of life

Our dedicated dementia community

Purpose-built dementia community care home

Portsdown is the name of our dedicated dementia community at Wellington Vale care home. Everything in our community is carefully planned around our residents to feel welcoming and encouraging and to provide meaning.

In the Sensory lounge residents will find an array of plants, flowers and sensory items for stimulating touch therapy. And after the sense therapy is done, residents can relax in the lounge cafe that features a charming vintage look.

Each area of our dementia care community is designed to be purposeful and motivating, and features subtle way-finding items to help signpost residents around their care home.

Our dementia home

We work with external partners who are involved in the careful design and build of each of our care homes. To create the very best dementia friendly environments, all our partners participate in the latest dementia training to enable them to experience ‘virtually’ how it feels to live with dementia. This is then incorporated into the look and feel of our dementia care home.

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Respite Care

Family members and carers will know how important it is to be able to take a break when caring for a loved one. Especially when you just need to recharge both mentally and physically from the pressure of looking after someone 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our respite care at Wellington Vale ensures your loved one receives the very best care and support within a beautiful luxury environment.

The convalescence care at Wellington Vale is second to none, allowing you to recover whilst being looked after by a dedicated care team.

And our short stays are a splendid opportunity to sample the dedicated care and luxury facilities within our beautiful care home.

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