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Everything about Sutton Park Grange is designed to offer first class residential care and dementia care in magnificent surroundings. Our purpose-built residential care home in Sutton Coldfield brings an exceptional level of care into the community, and it is a place where residents can live life to the full whilst being supported by a dedicated team 24-hours a day.

Every aspect of our care is formed around the individual and their specific needs. Our expert team get to know the ‘whole’ person to provide compassionate care that is enriched with meaningful activities to provide mental and physical stimulation.

At Cinnamon Luxury Care we know looking after a loved one can be tiring both mentally and physically. Our respite care is an opportunity for families and carers to take a well-earned break knowing your loved is in a welcoming environment and being cared for by experts.

Residential Care

Our person-centred care in all Cinnamon care homes hinges on a thorough understanding of each resident’s individual needs and requirements. Every resident is supported by an Individual Care Plan that serves as a guide on the level of care and support that is needed to live a full and happy life.

As each person’s personal needs change, so too does their plan in order to provide care that is tailored around them.

Local healthcare providers, GPs and other healthcare professionals such as chiropodists and dentists, along with district nurses are all part of the wider care team who ensure the health and wellbeing of all of our residents.

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Dementia Care

Our unique approach to dementia care relies on a thorough understanding of each person’s distinctive personality and then providing tailored care to suit their needs. This intimate process often involves family members and carers to get to know the social and physiological factors that trigger the symptoms of their dementia.

Each move into our care home begins with a thorough get-to-know-you stage to learn about our new resident, what they like, their hobbies and interests and learning about memorable moments from their past.

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The Cinnamon Dementia Strategy

  • A team that is trained in the fundamental principles of dementia care and led by a dementia specialist
  • Care that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual
  • Daily activity and living experiences that are geared to the people we are caring for, and which represent their life’s journey
  • Personal and shared living spaces that are homely, comfortable and reflect the personalities that live there
  • A pleasurable dining experience that is built around the needs and preferences of every individual
  • Support to family and friends so that they can understand and participate in the care that we deliver
  • Ongoing development of the way we do things; working with professionals to keep in touch with research and innovation
  • Supportive, compassionate care until end of life

Purpose-built dementia community care home

Dedicated dementia community

The dementia care community in our home is specially designed to create a dementia friendly environment. Each area features bold signage with contrasting colours to help residents with ‘way-finding’ around their home. Whilst curious objects of interest and memorabilia located in specific areas serve as location markers, helping residents to identify where they are.

Our dementia care community boasts beautifully furnished and spacious lounges that feature large floor to ceiling windows, and benefit from ample natural daylight. Each delightful living space is specially designed to feel welcoming, where residents can relax and feel at home.

Our dementia home

Our external partners are intrinsically involved in the careful design and development of each Cinnamon care home. Each home is purposefully shaped to feel welcoming and encompassing, and to provide a real home from home experience.

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Respite Care

Caring for a loved one 24-hours a day can be exhausting both mentally and physically. At Sutton Park Grange we know that in order to give the very best care you need to feel 100 percent yourself. Our dedicated respite care allows you to take a well-earned break whilst we look after your loved, in beautiful surrounding and with the very best round-the-clock care.

The convalescent care in our residential care home means you focus entirely on your recovery whilst our expert care team support your rehabilitation 24-hours a day.

Our short stays are the ideal opportunity to ‘trial’ our luxury care home before choosing to move in permanently.

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