Meet Our Team

We’d like to introduce our friendly Rivermede Court team who are determined to be the difference in senior care.

Libby Barrett

General Manager

What I do
It’s a real privilege to be part of the Cinnamon Care Collection team and to be working alongside such a compassionate and caring group of people who have the desire to really make a difference in this world.
At Rivermede Court we are building a team who are passionate to deliver the very best service to you and your loved ones that offers respect, dignity, choice and independence.
My Experience
I have been fortunate enough to have a most rewarding career in the care industry for over 38 years.
I qualified as both a nurse and a teacher and have worked at a home, regional and directorship level. My greatest enjoyment being developing relationships with others, seeing the results when we make a difference to others lives and building teams to commission new services.
About me
I am very proud of my three adult children who are a huge part of my life.
I have always been interested in holistic health and general wellbeing and in my spare time I teach yoga and meditation. I am also training to become a hypnotherapist as I am fascinated about the effects of the positive mind.
I have a Pug called Bug and recently adopted an elephant in Thailand.

Eunice Mundopa

Deputy Manager

What do I do.
My role at Rivermede Court includes ensuring that older people living in care homes are enabled to live the life of their choice. I pride myself in giving residents a personalized care package tailored to their individual needs. I am passionate about improving the perceptions of care homes by ensuring that residents and their families receive the service they desire and expect. Recognising the increasing need for specialist care for people with dementia, my focus at Cinnamon Care Collection is to be instrumental in developing the quality of life for our residents so that having dementia or being a person who needs some assistance is no reason to stop enjoying life

I have been working in the care home sector since 2001. I have extensive experience in care home management and leading clinical governance strategies for care homes. I have worked with young adults with profound learning disabilities, older people with dementia and adults with complex nursing needs. My focus is on improving the quality of life for vulnerable people by ensuring that care is evidence-based and derived from recognised best practice.

About me.
I am passionate about spending time with family and friends, music and health and fitness.

Sandra Patricio

Homes Admissions Advisor

What I do.
I have been working as a Home Admission Advisor for Cinnamon Care Collection for just over a year.
At Rivermede Court I will be the Home Admission Advisor, this means it will be my privileged to be the first one connecting with you and your loves ones, supporting as much as I can in this overwhelming decision that is to choose the right home for the one you love.

My Experience.
I qualified as a Dietitian and I have worked in the care sector for just over 10 years in England and abroad.
I worked as a Dietitian in Portugal and in England I worked in the hospitality sector. Started in the hospitality team as a Hospitality assistant and develop my career to Divisional Hospitality Specialist after I finish the master’s in leadership and management having 42 care homes under my responsibility at the time.
Because I am very passionate about what I do I then developed my career towards sales and marketing, and I have been doing it for just about four years.

About me.
I recently became a mother of a lovely girl who is a bundle of joy in our lives.
When I have some spare time, I enjoy reading a good book, watching good movie or spending time with my family. Traveling is something we as a family love to do, we enjoy getting to know other cultures and countries.
Because I am very passionate about food, especially when it comes to babies and children, I like to spend time teaching new mums in how and when to introduce new food to them. In my research I realized there isn’t a lot of guidance out there for mums, so also in my spare time I am writing a book about it.

Hanka Vlhova

Activity Co-Ordinator

What I Do:
I’m the Activity Co-Ordinator at Rivermede Court and my role is to compose activities and events for our residents that are inclusive, enjoyable and exciting. As well as organising events within the home I also like to arrange visits to local attractions and events. This helps to promote a social network for our residents. My role includes activity plans based on wellbeing, mental stimulation, physical well -being and of course the most important ingredient fun.

My Experience:
I am a qualified hairdresser, however for the past 20 years I have been working with children, starting as an au-pair all the way to teaching assistant and cub scout leader. I am a great believer in being part of the community and have helped out with organising events and fundraising in the local area.

About me:
I am family-oriented person. I love spending time with my two lovely children and my partner enjoying adventures, trips or just staying home playing board games – I love playing board games and I am up for any challenge! My hobbies are cooking, baking, any types of craft, gardening and scouting.

Daniela Lovin

Head of Housekeeping

What I do.
I am very happy to have joined Cinnamon Care and it’s a real privilege to be working with such a professional team.
My main role is to support my team, so they provide the highest standard of housekeeping for our residents in the luxury environment of Rivermede Court.

My Experience.
I have had three years of experience in a housekeeping role and two years as Head of Housekeeping.
In December 2017, I was very proud when I was presented with an Employee of the Month Award. I worked long hours to ensure the home was kept pristine and our residents had a lovely environment to call home, in a period when we were low on staff, and I worked extra days to ensure that excellent hygiene standards were maintained.

About me.
I am the happiest when I am speaking with the residents and their families about their life stories, as they have so many interesting tales!
I love to cook, to clean my house, to spend time with my fiancé and we look forward to travelling together all around the world.

Rommel Sales

Maintenance Manager

What I do.
It’s a real privilege to be part of the Cinnamon Care Collection team. My main role is to provide safe environment for the residents, family members, member of the public and staff.
At Rivermede, we are building an experienced fantastic team that will deliver the very best service to everyone that offers independence, respect and dignity.

My experience.
I have been working within the care industry for 12 years. Year 2015, the very first award was presented to me as the Best Maintenance Manager by my previous employer. Helped commissioned 2 buildings and delivered fire trainings and other supports needed. Also worked in family run construction business in the Philippines. Learned most of my skills from my father. Also worked in entertainment business as member of showband and played as bass guitar player and vocals.

About me.
I am a proud father of two children and married to the luckiest woman in the world ?. I studied and graduated 2 years of Architectural Drafting and 2 years Computer Science. I was also part of volleyball team when I was in college and trained young students. I am a proud member of Praise and Worship Team Ministry in HOPE UK Surrey and Hants. I love music and love to play musical instruments.

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