Our Considerate Care Luxury care home in Stourbridge

We now offer Rehab, Recovery & Convalescent Care!

Choosing first-class care at Parkfield Grange means living a full life within a luxury environment, that is supported by a dedicated care team 24-hours a day. Every aspect of our expert care is formed around the individual needs of our residents.

Our person-centred residential care and dementia care gives residents the ability to live the life they choose whilst celebrating their uniqueness and individuality.

The superb care and facilities in our luxury care home support both residents and their loved ones. For families who are seeking respite care we offer short-term stays allowing you to take a well-earned break knowing your loved one is safe a cared for in our beautiful home.

Recovery, Rehab and Convalescent Care

We have partnered with Stourbridge Physiotherapist Practice to offer dedicated post-operative rehabilitation at Parkfield Grange.

During your stay you can choose from either 4 or 8 physiotherapy sessions with a assessment of function and to help build your rehab plan.

Just sit back, relax, and let our team take care of you.

Choose from a range of luxury care suites and classic en-suite rooms.

Enjoy all-inclusive access to our restaurant, bar and lounge where our chefs prepare delicious menu choices using the finest ingredients.

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Residential Care

Putting our residents first is what life at Parkfield Grange is all about. Our team support our resident’s daily needs allowing each person to live meaningful and fulfilled lives with maximum independence.

The fantastic care team in each of our Cinnamon care homes spend time to get to know the ‘whole’ person to understand each unique personality, learning about their past experiences, their interests and what they enjoy doing. This personal approach helps to tailor our care so that it is all encompassing, provides encouragement and gives residents a sense of companionship.

Every move into our home starts with a consultation stage to understand the new resident’s care requirements. This two-way approach often involves GPs and family members, plus our team members to allow you to get to know your new home before moving in. It also helps to produce an Individual Care Plan that provides a flexible roadmap on the level of care and assistance that is required. As each new resident adapts to their new home, so too does their care plan which evolves as their individual needs change.

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Dementia Care

Our dementia care hinges on an understanding that nobody’s dementia is the same and that each person is affected in a dissimilar way. Each person expresses their symptoms differently and whilst some people may display very strong symptoms, others may show subtle changes which are the result of an underlying dementia.

The person-centered care in our dementia home rests on a thorough understanding of the ‘complete’ individual, their unique behaviour and personality, their likes and dislikes. Our compassionate team take a holistic approach to provide care that is physically and mentally stimulating and tailored to each resident’s needs.

The Cinnamon Dementia Strategy

  • A team that is trained in the fundamental principles of dementia care and led by a dementia specialist
  • Care that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual
  • Daily activity and living experiences that are geared to the people we are caring for, and which represent their life’s journey
  • Personal and shared living spaces that are homely, comfortable and reflect the personalities that live there
  • A pleasurable dining experience that is built around the needs and preferences of every individual
  • Support to family and friends so that they can understand and participate in the care that we deliver
  • Ongoing development of the way we do things; working with professionals to keep in touch with research and innovation
  • Supportive, compassionate care until end of life

Purpose-built dementia community care home

Take a tour of our dementia community care home

Purpose-built dementia community care home

Our dedicated dementia community is specially designed to create a dementia friendly environment that inclusive and encouraging. It is a special place where each resident feels welcome and comfortable.

Each area features bold signage and objects of interest that serve as ‘landmarks’ and location markers to help residents navigate around the home. Our bright and spacious lounges have direct access to our landscaped gardens, and make plentiful use of ample natural light.

Our dementia home

We work closely with our external partners to carefully plan and purpose-build each Cinnamon care home. Every home is specially designed to create a welcoming, first-class care environment, with stylish furnishings, the latest facilities and luxury interiors.

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Respite Care

At Parkfield Grange we know that caring for a loved one 24-hours a day, can be tiring both mentally and physically. Our respite care helps family members and carers take a well-earned break knowing their loved one is cared for by a team of experts.

Our short-term trial stays are a great opportunity to experience our luxury care home before choosing to move in permanently.

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