Our Reassuring Care Luxury Care Home In Hextable, Kent

Putting our residents’ needs first is what life at Emerson Grange is all about. We pride ourselves on delivering person-centered care and dedicated support that is focused on each person’s individual needs.

The superb care facilities and round the clock assistance in our home are supportive not just for our residents, but for families too. For those looking for a short stay, we offer dedicated convalescence and respite care to help families and carers take a break knowing their loved one is being looked after by a friendly care team.

Nursing Care

At Emerson Grange we offer expert nursing care that is delivered with compassion and kindness. Our professional nursing team works hand-in-hand with GPs to provide the very best care that is responsive to each person’s medical needs.

This includes a mixture of skilled duties such as helping with medication, accurately monitoring and observing long-term medical conditions, and providing emotional support to our residents that promotes independence and mental wellbeing.

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Palliative Care

As part of our person-centered approach, our trained team also support residents and families with palliative care and end of life care, that is compassionate and provides practical, social and emotional support. With our palliative care our focus is to relieve pain and meeting emotional and practical needs to improve quality of life.

Residential Care

Our first-class residential care home in Kent is supportive of all our resident’s daily needs allowing each person to live meaningful and fulfilling lives with maximum independence. At Emerson Grange our dedicated team spend time to understand each resident’s unique personality getting to know their past experiences and interests, learning about what is dear to them and what they have done in days gone by. So, if one of our residents gets a sense of purpose helping the team keep the lounge clean and tidy, or if they wish to take on a role to help lay the dinner table every day, then they’re welcome to join us around their home.

Providing person-centered care is at the core of our approach and this is embedded into each person’s Individual Care Plan. Each flexible plan provides a guide on the level of support and assistance that is required, whilst preserving dignity and individuality.

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Dementia Care

The dementia care in our home focuses on providing social and practical care that is inclusive of the ‘whole’ person allowing each resident to live an enriched and fulfilled life. It provides stimulation and companionship that is meaningful, taking a holistic approach to understand the different mental and social factors which trigger each person’s dementia.

This intimate process often involves family members and carers, to understand each person’s unique character, their background and personality and the level of their dementia.

The Cinnamon Dementia Strategy

  • A team that is trained in the fundamental principles of dementia care and led by a dementia specialist
  • Care that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual
  • Daily activity and living experiences that are geared to the people we are caring for, and which represent their life’s journey
  • Personal and shared living spaces that are homely, comfortable and reflect the personalities that live there
  • A pleasurable dining experience that is built around the needs and preferences of every individual
  • Support to family and friends so that they can understand and participate in the care that we deliver
  • Ongoing development of the way we do things; working with professionals to keep in touch with research and innovation
  • Supportive, compassionate care until end of life

Our dedicated dementia community

Purpose-built dementia community care home

The look and feel of our Windsor dementia community is specially designed to feel welcoming and safe, and to give a clear sense of direction. Everything here is planned with purpose to be comforting and reassuring to our residents, and to create a ‘dementia-friendly’ environment.

Located around our home you will find special ‘markers’ or objects to help residents identify where they are, and to help navigate or ‘way-find’ to wherever they are going. Our spacious lounge features a ‘memory corner’, and is designed to resemble a vintage office room to help rekindle memories of working life from by-gone days.

Our dementia home

Our external partners are involved in the careful planning, design and build of each of our care homes. Every home is purpose-built to provide a welcoming and first-class care environment, with stylish décor, the latest facilities and luxury interiors. To create the best dementia-friendly environment our partners participate in the latest dementia training to enable them to experience ‘virtually’ how it feels to live with dementia. This is then incorporated into the look and feel of our dementia care home.

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Respite Care

Caring for loved 24-hours a day can be exhausting, both mentally and physically. Our dedicated respite care allows family members and carers to take a break knowing your loved is safe, happy and cared for by an expert team of professional carers.

In our first-class care home your loved one receives the very best care and support within a beautiful luxury environment.

The convalescence care at Emerson Grange is second to none, allowing you to recover whilst being looked after by a dedicated care team.

And our short stays are a splendid opportunity to sample the dedicated care and luxury facilities within our beautiful care home.

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